Welcome to FastLights LEDs

Our Fast Lights were designed to be AFFORDABLE, so that you can have your motorcycle customized with LED lights for those nighttime rides, without spending a fortune. FastlightsLEDs  feature the new, innovative "Push-In" (end to end, wire in series) wiring method. They are also designed to be easy to install, so you can install your lights were you want them, and how you want them. In addition, you have the ability to add or remove lights at any time with ease and without ever having to strip a wire.

Your lighting system can start out with a standard engine Kit and you can add anything you like in the future. Keep adding until you are satisfied with how your ride looks. 

FastlightsLEDs are available in unlimited combinations from our basic Engine kit to our Ultimate Full Blown Kit and beyond. All of our FastlightsLEDs products work together giving you the ability to add our Black I'z or other Fastlight products with ease.

FastLightsLEDs also come with a "wireless" remote that allows you to control your system with several effects such as flash, Strobe, fade and "Breathe Mode" where your bike literally looks like it is breathing. 

FastlightsLEDs.... Your Lights, your way....Look good, Be seen and ride safe...  Light em up.......With FastlightsLEDs.